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This is a recent occurrence.,Hollie F. Jackson had a litter of puppies and decided to use them as target practice. She let them bleed out in her front yard.
She calls it ‘taking care of business’ but the rest of us call it murder.
Please please get this attention. She needs to be put in prison.

This is seriously so important and I wish people would care about this as much as I do.
If this doesn’t get attention, nothing is going to happen.
She murdered helpless, starving puppies for fun and posted it on fb like it was something to be proud of.

Fuck that.

i’m going to find this person and use her as target practice

Does anyone know if this person is local to them? If so can you please call the cops? They are literally confessing to animal abuse.

This person can be charged with at least a year and a half to two years for each puppy mercilessly shot.

If anyone who sees this knows this person and their address, please do not post it online, but do report it to the local authorities so that she may be dealt with because this is the behaviour of a killer.

Someone who is willing to viciously kill innocent animals who are need of help without any remorse is a dangerous human being.

Hollie F. Jackson

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There is a 100% chance Frankie is physically not in the Big Brother House right now.

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Kat Graham Teaches Us How To Layer Clothes For The Fall (x)

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This scene was just the greatest

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I love my skin!

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Toffee was mad that he couldn’t fit in the kitten house so he squished it

the second cat looking at the camera like “do you see this bullshit?”

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